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Carel Balth

Early Years    2000



The most recent body of works is called Videowatercolors. The name conjures up the image of two mediums that are apart in effect and time, yet have the flow of the image in common. Balth excutes his works on archival silk baryte, encausted in a specially matted epoxy, which provides a newfound clarity and deeper saturation of colors.
He takes ample advantage of the enlightening visual possibilities the digitally produced imagery offers him. Flatness becomes spacious at the same time, grey proofs to be full of color. The unrecognizable gets recognizable and vice versa, un-sharp and razor-sharp coexist in every piece Balth has touched. And still, Light, perhaps his main tool, is omnipresent.

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Early Works

Active since the late 1960s, Carel Balth has built an oeuvre over four decades. Starting with Plexiglas objects, moving through photographic works, the collage put in a different perspective, and developing new techniques such as the Laser Paintings, Balth went through different stages of exploration. Each of his groups of work captures light and time, space and movement in a different, innovative way.

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